Together the five of us have established SSES, our joint school devoted to offering our students education, training and inspiration in applied entrepreneurship. So, if you are a student of ours: a special welcome! If not, check out our events and seminars.


21 Oct

Selling your Idea

The success of any venture relies on the support of peers, acquired one way or another through influencing techniques. The art of mastering influencing techniques will help you achieve your own goals as well as benefit your entrepreneurial endeavors.

23 Oct

Exploring Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Research - Develop

In order to develop a business idea, whether in an economical or social context, you need to apply a number of business concepts. The aim of this course is to introduce relevant business tools in order to develop a business idea stemming from research.

27 Oct

Communicating Innovation

People who invent great products are sometimes disappointed by the reactions of peers, managers and consumers. A more impactful communication method might sound like a winner in theory but in the real world selling the idea is complicated by social factors we often don't consider. In this workshop we discover how this happens and how you can communicate to avoid it.

28 Oct

Conscious Communication and Active decision-making

In order to communicate consciously and take mindful decisions one has to learn how to be real with oneself. Being real is being honest, authentic, having integrity and exposing true feelings to and for yourself, and your peers.

30 Oct

Entrepreneurial Leadership in Practice

"Entrepreneurial Leadership in Practice" (ELIP) is a course about leading entrepreneurial enterprises effectively and ethically.

30 Oct

Business Model Innovation

Once your business is up and running, you will no doubt want to grow it into a successful operation that can adapt with an ever-changing world. Business Model Innovation offers you the opportunity to develop a unique skill-set that has helped many of the world's leading enterprises.

30 Oct

Growth – Managing Your Firm

Running an expanding business demands a whole lot from any entrepreneur. Growth shares skills and insights needed to manage entrepreneurial firms under those challenging but exciting conditions.

31 Oct

From Idea to Service Business

There's no doubt that Stockholm and the surrounding region is a global hub when it comes to Life Sciences. However, there is a clear gap when it comes to individuals that can combine knowledge from the healthcare sector and business and entrepreneurship.

31 Oct

Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to an overview of the role of entrepreneurship for economical, social and ecological sustainable development, including poverty alleviation. Focus is on developing regions of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

10 Nov

SEO for Startups

As more and more information is put on the web, searchability is becoming increasingly difficult. A quick dose of SEO is ideal if you want to learn how to cut through the noise. This SEO Toolbox Friday will take a look at the tools that let you increase relevant visits to your site.