Together the five of us have established SSES, our joint school devoted to offering our students education, training and inspiration in applied entrepreneurship. So, if you are a student of ours: a special welcome! If not, check out our events and seminars.

#SUD17 videos and photos coming soon!

Thank you to all who made Startup Day an awesome experience \o/

Rethinking Recruitment

Aleksandra Josimović's dream is to create a whole new way to get a new job, with the clever use of an AI and a unified web platform. 

Live Ask-Me-Anything with Nami Zarringhalam

Don't miss our upcoming Live Ask-Me-Anything morning event on May 4th with Nami Zarringhalam. May the 4th be with you.

The Size of Failure Matters: Learning from Minor, Medium and Big Failures

You have probably heard that you learn from failing. But do you learn more from failing big?