Together the five of us have established SSES, our joint school devoted to offering our students education, training and inspiration in applied entrepreneurship. So, if you are a student of ours: a special welcome! If not, check out our events and seminars.

Christmas Mingle 2014!

Someplace in town, so very near,

At Niklas Restaurang (it's here),

We'll gather every friend and peer,

Sometime around end of this year,

So save the date to celebrate, 

With mingle bells and Christmas cheer,

We really hope you will appear,

Remember to register here!

ReidPass Competes in I2P Competition in Juiz de Fora, Brazil

SSES sends ReidPass, a startup developing a physical password storage solution, to compete in the IdeaToProduct (I2P) Competition finals in Juiz de Fora, Brazil.

Singularity University and the Stockholm Connection

Is it a coincidence that the first three Singularity University Fellows in all of Sweden were all SSES alumni?