Together the five of us have established SSES, our joint school devoted to offering our students education, training and inspiration in applied entrepreneurship. So, if you are a student of ours: a special welcome! If not, check out our events and seminars.

Toolbox Friday: Communicating Innovation

So you have this great idea or product and you want everyone to know about it. How do you communicate it in an effective way? Andrew Hennigan will teach you in this Friday toolbox!

PhD Course: Teams, Groups and Collectives in the study of Entrepreneurship

PhD students will have the opportunity to join Karl Wennberg for an intensive 3 day course studying teams, groups and collectives in the study of entrepreneurship. Sign up to secure your spot!

PhD Seminar: Learning from Failure and Success in the Biotech Industry

Almost every aspiring entrepreneur have heard that the most effective way to learn is through failure. But what about learning from success? In this PhD seminar you will have a chance to see the learning outcomes from both failure and success.

Rasmus Rahm appointed as acting SSES Executive Director

The Board of the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship has appointed current Deputy Executive Director Rasmus Rahm as the new acting Executive Director.